Bang, Bang, You’re Dead! Book Review

Anticlimactic and Grave
Bang, Bang, You’re Dead is a very dark and mysterious novel. Despite how tedious people claim this book to be, I frankly went through it in one sitting. Though, I very much agree that the writing style is not for everyone. As I read through its parts, all that I felt was an air of melancholy, which I presume is definitely not preferred by all.

I do opine that there are also several factors that contribute to why I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Part of it being the right time of read, as well as the right mood. It was a Sunday evening, and I wasn’t at a greatly contented mood either, and somehow both facets slightly neutralizes how depressing the book appears.

Other than that, in contrary to what others have to say; I actually liked the ending as is. It was unbelievable and sad, yes; but the curiosity was able to cling to me until the next morning and i feel that it’s the perfect twist for the tale in particular.

I blank out two stars, mainly because I simply can’t sympathize with Mia despite her very sympathize-able, circumstances as much as I anticipate. Also, I despise the fact that she lacks strength. She’s too vulnerable and indecisive as a character; I feel like the author could’ve given her more aspects of strength. Moreover the plot is admittedly pretty familiar to me; which is a bit of a letdown.

[3/5 Stars]


When a mysterious gunman takes a class hostage, the rest of Mia’s school is evacuated. But Mia is determined to stay behind. She knows it’s a life or death situation but there’s something she fears more than dying. Mia thinks she might know who the gunman is, and, if she’s right, then she may be the only one who can save her schoolmates…


bang, bang you're dead.jpg
Bang, Bang, You’re Dead! ~ Narinder Dhami 3/5 Stars!

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