Ada’s Rules Book Review

I have to confess, the main idea of this book was good. The moral message within was also one to inspire, yet perhaps Alice could’ve conveyed it a lot better. Let me imply my some reasons why;
Yes, I get that this is a tale that solely revolves around the quest of a fifty year old woman in losing weight, but I opine that this book is far too monotonous for my liking.

The substantial reason why I decided upon finishing the novel is the fact that I do not want to jump to conclusions about my judgements of this book, but well my reckoning only got worse the more I progress into it. Moreover, it has quite an absurd finish.

I may sound rather harsh, considering that lots of people admitted to relishing in the book, and thus perhaps it’s just not for me. If you’re seeking for something uplifting, I would advise you to find another one that may possibly suit your taste a lot better. But if you’re intent on something empowering, give this book a shot!

[1/5 Stars]


Ada Howard, the wife of the preacher at Nashville’s Full Love Baptist Tabernacle, has a whole lot of people to take care of. There’s her husband, two grown daughters, and two ailing, wayward parents. Then comes the announcement of her 25-year college reunion which gets Ada thinking again about her old campus flame.

Ada’s Rules by Alice Randall. 1/5 Stars



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