Mockingbird Book Review

Being head to head with thousands of amazing titles published in 2010—’Room’ being a major frontrunner—I can safely conclude that Mockingbird doesn’t disappoint.
Kathryn Erskine definitely has amazing flexibility in her style of writing. Judging from her interesting word selection and world construction through first person; it’s very likely to presume a fifth grader had drafted it—which is a positive thing! The language and plotting throughout is considerably light. There isn’t much depth or character dimension within it; which makes it a suitable read for young readers. The way in which emotions are contemplated is also very forthright; making it a quick and easy read!

Moreover, the plot is very believable regardless of how glum it may seem to some. The main protagonist’s quirks really ratify the whole concept of her Asperger’s syndrome. The author can really evoke her characters to life in a way that is accessible to a vast majority of readers. To sum it up, Mockingbird is a book worthy of your attention!

[4/5 Stars]


Ten year old Caitlin’s world had always been black and white. Anything else was confusing; but her brother, Devon, helped her understand. Then tragedy struck, and now nothing makes sense. As a girl with Asperger’s syndrome, Caitlin turns to what she does know-textbooks and dictionaries. And after reading the definition of closure, she realizes that this is what everyone needs. In her search for closure, she discovers that black and white are surrounded by shades of gray, and that those are beautiful and necessary for healing.

Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine. 4/5 Stars!

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