USS Indianapolis: Man of Courage Movie Review

I cannot contemplate how much this film had touched my heart. It did in so many ways and thus I’m extremely glad I’d taken time to watch it. This is the type of film that’s definitely worthy of your attention. It’s very transfixing yet at the same time informative. I have always been an advocate for educative movies and an avid believer that the movie artistry is a way to imply information in a way that is accessible to most people. I was fascinated, and I’d certainly learned a lot about world history.

USS Indianapolis: Man of Courage is a two hour retelling of the sequence of events that preceded the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the midst of WWII. It tells about the largest maritime tragedy that’s ever transpired—which is the collapse of USS Indianapolis—the ship with a mission to transport the nuclear bomb across the Philippine sea. The film was entitled ‘Man of Courage’, as it puts an emphasis on the ship’s captain, who’s remarkable gallantry was what saved his men and his country. He was not afraid to sacrifice for the sake of what he trusts in even when he was done no justice in the end. Absolutely no justice, in fact, by the executives who’d sailed him out for the mission in the first place—that he’d opted to end his life. That man—along with every other man who’d lost their lives in the mission—deserve justification, and this movie does just that. Without further spoiling it, it’s time that I actually lay out my judgments about this film.

It’s no doubt that the crew that’s designed the storyboard added details that aren’t valid—including certain scenes and romances that weren’t based off of the actual event—but I’m greatly contented that they were able to do so in moderation. They’d added a little extra to enhance and dramatize the plot by a bit, while not completely stripping the movie off of its essence. Well done!

Moreover, I thought Nicolas Cage is an amazing lead! Along with the rest of the moviegoers—they were well. But, the facet I think the film excels in is the way the story is conveyed. I don’t think I’ve ever been as riveted to any film that’s based off of actual historic events, as I am with this one. I recall going home with the urge to find out more about what’d happened during WWII—that was how curious I was left. I feel that the ending of this movie was very disheartening, but inevitable—in a way. It didn’t make me wail, but my heart did drop from the fifth floor to the first. You’ll only ever understand why if you’d watched it, so I recommend that you do just that!

[4/5 Stars]

After their ship is torpedoed by a Japanese submarine, the crew members of the USS Indianapolis face a harrowing nightmare as their ship goes down in the shark infested Philippine Sea.

USS Indianapolis: Man Of Courage Movie Review by the MadTattler. 4/5 Stars!




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