Vampire Academy (2014) Movie Review

I can’t possibly deny how amusing the movie was. The story board is exciting even when the concept of it—being vampires and supernaturalism—is often deemed generally likable. And yes, I admit it is a genre with a lot of followers, because I think most of us can agree that when there’s a vampire in play, it’s already intriguing from the get go. Nevertheless, I must say I enjoyed the world-construction that took place in Vampire Academy. They’d compromised the common concept of vampires and given it more variety and structure—for instance, breeds and identities.

Although, there are some things I quite dislike that I feel I must point out; one of them being the egocentrism of the main character. She—as the main protagonist—is someone whom I actually find pretty self-regarding. She doesn’t exemplify the type that a protagonist usually does. Not to say that being different is bad, but to me she appears extremely cold and selfish; pushing people away and maltreating them. I loathe how she treats other characters (especially the one played by Sarah Hyland). Another thing is that I find several scenes to be rather gruesome and that the main character seems like an utter boy-magnet; enticing almost every guy she comes in contact with.

(3/5 Stars)

Teenager Rose Hathaway (Zoey Deutch) is a Dhampir — a human/vampire hybrid. Her best friend is Lissa Dragomir (Lucy Fry), a princess of the Moroi — mortal, peaceful vampires. Both teens attend St. Vladamir’s Academy, a secret haven for those like them. Rose trains with a handsome mentor (Danila Kozlovsky) to guarantee her place as Lissa’s guardian — although she may have to sacrifice everything to protect Lissa from enemies both within St. Vladamir’s walls and outside them.

Vampire Academy Movie Review by MadTattler. 3/5 Stars!

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