Fallen (2016) Addison Timlin Movie Review

I’m definitely convinced this movie was absurd. I personally thought the acting just didn’t do it and the plot was rather conflicting; which is funny bearing that it’s derived from a bestselling fantasy novel. I must admit, that fact certainly did provoke my curiosity and made me anticipate this movie in prior to its release. But after actually seeing it, I couldn’t comprehend anymore why I had even awaited it.

The pace by which the movie goes is practically so slow it doesn’t just become dreary, it also becomes meaningless at whole. After sitting through a full 120 minutes of that film, I still failed to grasp whatever it is the movie was trying to convey or the aspect of plot that enraptured masses. For a fantasy film, it’s too bland and unentertaining; even Twilight appears decent in comparison. There seems to be no moral value within the film as well; just an overemphasis on forbidden love and lust–it gets mind-bogglingly awkward, I might’ve balled in my seat.

Usually these mere reasons wouldn’t serve as enough to prompt me into giving a single star rating, but there’s another major reason that simply drove me off the edge. That was the ending. I never expected the movie to end right there as I hadn’t acquired much from it yet; neither entertainment nor moral, as I’ve covered. I’m presuming the movie is going to have a sequel, bearing its ‘attempted-cliffhanger’, a botched idea. Logically, if something is going to have a separate continuation, the initial film is supposed to draw curiosity and interest at least. But that didn’t happen; it’s in fact, pushed me away.

Nevertheless, I still think if you are curious; you should watch it because, why not? You’ll never really understand until you’ve experienced it first-hand. 

[1/5 Stars!]

Lucinda “Luce” Price goes to Sword and Cross, a boarding in Savannah where she meets the mysterious Daniel Grigori. Luce is drawn to him in a way no words could describe, but he wants nothing to do with her.

Fallen (2016) Movie review by the Madtattler. 1/5 Stars!

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