Sidney Sheldon Master of The Game Book Review

This was an amazing book, and when I say amazing, I mean, truly, truly incredible. I have to admit, the first time I laid eyes on it, and I wasn’t very intrigued. I sort of presumed that the book was going to end up dreary, despite the creator being Sidney Sheldon. This was due to…

The Lie Tree (2015) Frances Hardinge Book Review

Incredibly intriguing and well-written. The Lie Tree didn’t turn out to be as thrilling or ghastly as I’d formerly anticipated from how the blurb and cover came across to me, but it was enthralling regardless. The way by which the story was brought synchronized aptly with the 19th century backdrop, which I thought was one…

The Edge of Seventeen (2017) Hailee Steinfeld Movie Review

The Edge of Seventeen is perhaps the utter best brother-sister themed movie I’ve seen so far. This movie really does put to show the distinct hurdles of an adolescent/teen, focusing mainly on friendships and relationships in general.

Beauty and the Beast (2017) Emma Watson Movie Review

Tear-jerking yet tedious. Hilarious isn’t it, how one movie could draw tears yet still be rather monotonous at times? Beauty and the Beast did the deed for me. And no, fortunately it wasn’t in a sense that it was so monotonous, I started crying.

The Kong: Skull Island (2017) Tom Hiddleston Movie Review

I surprisingly really enjoyed this movie. Frankly, fifteen minutes into the movie, it occurred in my head the presumption that this movie was going to be rather dreary judging from the early segment of the film–but I was wrong to judge!

Fallen (2016) Addison Timlin Movie Review

I’m definitely convinced this movie was absurd. I personally thought the acting just didn’t do it and the plot was rather conflicting; which is funny bearing that it’s derived from a bestselling fantasy novel.

√ Snowden (2016) Shailene Woodley Movie Review

This movie was great. And the fact that the plot is inspired by a true life event makes it even greater.learn. The movie gives insight, clarity and justice to the controversial Snowden case.

√ The Swap (2016) Peyton List Movie Review

I liked this movie; it’s humorous, it carries a moral, it’s tear-jerking for some, also it’s a Disney production; and I quite frankly fancy Disney films in general. I wouldn’t say that I love the movie though, as the premise of it is one I find to be very common. You can come across so many films alike, to name a couple; ‘It’s A Boy Girl Thing’, ‘Freaky Friday’, and the list goes on some more hundred miles.

Ben-Hur Movie Review

This movie didn’t particularly enthrall me. I confess, I do have a great likelihood to fancy films inspired by ancient history and or popular events that had transpired in the past—but Ben-Hur simply did not strike me as fantastic. Before I dive into why, I presume it is better that I run you through the…

Me, Earl and the Dying Girl (2015) Movie Review

I only cried once throughout this movie—a cry that didn’t end for two bloody hours! I would continually halt the movie mid-scene to momentarily attempt to stop the waterworks. I slept with my eyes bloodshot red and awoke with a sore pair that persisted for hours on end. I’d say that part of my reaction…

Vampire Academy (2014) Movie Review

I can’t possibly deny how amusing the movie was. The story board is exciting even when the concept of it—being vampires and supernaturalism—is often deemed generally likable. And yes, I admit it is a genre with a lot of followers, because I think most of us can agree that when there’s a vampire in play,…